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Image of lung cancer detection technology

Early lung cancer detection using
a standard blood test

75% of lung cancer cases are diagnosed after the disease has progressed1

That’s why EarlyCDT® Lung was developed to find cancer earlier, when it is more treatable.

Lung cancer screening & lung nodule risk assessment with a standard blood draw

For those at high risk of lung cancer:

Aid in the early detection of lung cancer in high‑risk individuals

For those with indeterminate pulmonary nodules:

Provide an effective assessment of lung cancer risk in indeterminate pulmonary nodules (IPNs)

Download EarlyCDT® Lung instructions for use:

Proprietary autoantibody technology to detect early signs of cancer

The EarlyCDT® Lung test detects the presence of autoantibodies generated by the body’s immune system, a natural defense against cancer cells. This aids in the early detection of lung cancer in high-risk patients.

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Extensively validated in the real world

A randomised controlled trial of 12,000 people in Scotland at high risk of developing lung cancer showed that after two years of follow-up, participants in the EarlyCDT® Lung intervention group saw a significant reduction (37%) in late-stage presentation compared to the control group subject to standard clinical practice.2

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These landmark findings are likely to have globally significant implications for the early detection of lung cancer. A simple blood test, followed by CT scans, is able to increase the number of patients diagnosed at an earlier stage of the disease, when surgery is still possible and prospects for survival much higher.

Professor Frank Sullivan

Professor of Primary Care Medicine at the University of St. Andrews and Chief Investigator for the ECLS trial

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